Workshops and Lectures given by Ronnie Dunetz**

Cross cultural communication in global management : what’s the real story behind the scenes?

Communicating across the globe, in and around cultures and time zones, may seem straightforward, but it really isn’t. A global manager and marketer needs to learn much more than what meets the eye so that things happen, success is reached and agreements don’t fall apart along the way…based on knowledge and many years of experience living and working abroad, this lecture combines true stories, humor, challenges and fascinating research studies that will make you think and laugh, keep you thinking and, in the end, bring you new insights and perspectives which you may never have thought of and you won’t want to leave home without them…

Stories from  the coaching room

It seems that we have all heard of or experienced “coaching”, but do we really know what goes on in this discrete, off-site dialogue that energizes, motivates and changes people?  What’s the secret? In this lecture I share with you stories from thousands of hours I have spent in the “coaching room”, stories that will pull you into the world of others- perhaps just like you- who found themselves at a cross-road, awaiting and searching for that “something” to help them find clarity, decide, act and initiate. “Stories from the coaching room” takes you behind the scenes into what makes us all tick and how the coaching process works in real-life.

“From Story to Success”

A unique workshop, together with Sharon Aviv, the Founder and Director of “Gollem”, the Multi-disciplinary Center for Storytelling, that empowers business leaders and managers with the tools of “business storytelling” to improve management, sales, marketing, service, among others. If you want to get someone to remember story, learn to tell the right story at the right time!

Mastermind: None of us is smarter than all of us! (lecture-workshop)

The Mastermind is by definition a place where harmony meets creativity and accountability. It is easier said than done…my experience in developing “Dunetz-Mastermind” has shown me that it is not any one individual that creates the answer or the new idea but an exciting process that can at times leave us breathless and more than a bit overwhelmed…in this lecture, I share with the participants the history of the mastermind, the principles that make it work, facilitate exercises that have them jumping right in and “doing mastermind” rather than just hearing about it. Recommended for any group wanting to get more from itself with all that it already has and wanting to create the success of positive thinking.

We don’t need more answers, we need better questions!

They say that intelligence can best be noticed by the questions that are raised rather than the many answers which are “ready to go”. Why is this so? Why are questions so crucial to our thinking and “doing” processes? Identifying and raising powerful questions are at the heart of effective coaching…in this lecture, I invite participants to learn about the different kinds of questions that we normally use, experiment and ask the “powerful questions” that lead to breakthrough thinking, decisive and inspiring action. We begin and end with one very important thing in our minds: a powerful question!

Watch out- are you talking more than you are listening? (lecture-workshop)

It is said that human beings were given two ears and one mouth because we were meant to be listening twice as much as we speak, but we all know that it just isn’t the case for so for many of us…in this lecture I lead the group to explore and different listening exercises, to reflect on how and to what they are listening and to learn and practice ways to improve listening capabilities for success.

Don’t want to change!….you will change anyway!

There is nothing so frightening to many of us as the need to change our settings, plans and routines….and the most consistent thing in our professional and personal lives is exactly that- change! In this lecture, I invite the group to reflect with me on the nature and pace of change, what it means to be “change friendly” in a career and professional sense, as well as life in general. We discuss tips on how to initiate change, how to make it work for us, how to influence and motivate others to change and how to befriend change to work as our ally and not our nemesis.

“What do you really think?” Conversations off the beaten track (facilitated event only)

Want to light an entire room (from 8-400 people!) on fire? I facilitate “What do you really think?” events by using the power of open, self-managed small group dialogue combined with powerful questions and positive energy.  The questions are especially chosen to encourage participants to engage with natural curiosity and creativity to do what we all long to do….have great conversations!

Aikido: the martial art for authentic business

Aikido is a martial art, but it is not just any martial art, but one that was founded, cultivated and developed to train people to learn the “art of harmony” and how it can get you to your goals with maximum collaboration and minimum conflict and stress. In this lecture I use the Aikido I learned in Japan (where I earned my black belt), as well as my subsequent study of other Asian practices, to show how Aikido can help us sell, manage and lead others to success and a better all around life.

 “It’s either one page, or your out! “

It may sound a bit severe, but according to an old story this is exactly what Winston Churchill, the legendary British Prime Minister told one of his Cabinet Ministers when they gave him a hundred page document to read…In this lecture, I facilitate groups to learn how to put together “One page business, action or change plans, in “real-time”. The technique can be easily modeled to be instituted as critical management practice for effective team leadership. In the end, if you can’t get it on one page clearly and effectively, you probably need to take a hard look if you know where your road is going…

Client Feedback on lectures and workshops:

“Ronnie’s versatility combined with his impressive ability to capture the audience’s attention by finding and telling stories that teach, embed and inspire, this and more, make him an outstanding lecturer and facilitator. His dedication and experience working cross-culturally is part of the great value he brings with him.”
Gadi Lipiner, Ph.d.
Entrepreneur, Manager of  International Entrepreneurial studies and projects

“Ronnie was a guest lecturer in our international management program: the students were totally energized, stimulated as Ronnie took them through the intellectual and communicative challenges in international management. Ronnie speaks from his own experience and has a real talent in taking his experience and weaving it into lessons for those still learning to walk in this area.”
Dafna Rosenthal
Holon Institute of Tecnology

Dear Ronnie,
On behalf of Dr. Shevel, the president of our institute, and the many others who attended your lecture, I take pleasure in recommending the lecture of Ronnie Dunetz entitled, “Cross-cultural Skills International Management: Don’t Leave Home Without Them!” We all really enjoyed your presentation, Ronnie, it was full of energy and information, truly a fresh and lively approach to understanding other cultures in global management”.
Sallee Eriera
Director, Alumni Relations

Galilee International Management Institute – Israel

“Ronnie’s lecture and workshop on the mastermind gave us new perspectives and insights. We were looking for “something interesting” for our teachers and got much more value than we expected.  Ronnie did not just tell us but brought us to see for ourselves how when the ego is outside the door, the mind is “inside” and the facilitation is human, equal and authentic, things open up, ideas are created and links established. Wonderful!”
Chaim Parag
Maarag Program
Avichai Israel Fund (NGO)

** Most lectures can also be extended and adapted to an interactive workshop platform, per request and client goals.