Testimonials on DunetzMastermind

How have managers described the Dunetz-Mastermind experience?

I was referred to Ronnie from a professional colleague and I have been very happy with our work together, Ronnie is an excellent coach who has helped me tremendously.
There were some professional issues that had me stuck for some time, without Ronnie’s help I would not have been able to surmount them and our work together was both inspiring and effective.
Ronnie knows how to break down your problem in to components that helps analyze them to build a better future for yourself… and leaves you with the feeling that you did it yourself!

Ronnie’s listening coupled with his humor showed me that he understood me, that he “gets it” and quickly helped me move ahead to where I needed to go.
I look forward to continuing to work effectively with Ronnie on others areas of my life to bring about the type of future that I aspire and am committed to.

Dr. David Cohen
Tel-Aviv-Jaffa, Israel​

“The “Dunetz-Mastermind’ group is it- it’s the place I have been for over 7 years in which I give and receive new vantage points on problems and challenges. Ronnie is a master of the technique and of bringing people together to make it happen”.
Zion Halfon, CEO, Rotem Control and Management


“Ronnie Dunetz facilitates a group like no other: the model enables hearing and sharing things outside the box in which I find myself on a daily basis”.
Ofer Daliot, Sales Manager, Microsoft Israel


“I used to think that I did not need anybody to help me think and make my own decisions. Dunetz-Mastermind has opened my eyes to the fact that I can often get more out of myself by and effective, well-organized and facilitated mastermind, which is exactly what Ronnie does.”
Mulugeta Gavro, CEO, M.G. Trading Ltd.


“The Dunetz-Mastermind group was most instrumental in giving me the confidence and support to open my own company.”
David Lehana, CEO, RIL Ecosystems


“Once a month, for over 6 years, I have been coming to the Dunetz-Mastermind sessions to get a fresh interjection of positive energy, solid thinking and focused commitment- Ronnie is the chief conductor of the orchestra.”
Yoav Eder, Senior Director of Support, Ex-Libris


“Ronnie is an incredible leader and facilitator, I come out of every meeting inspired.”
Nina Keren David, Global Support Manager, EX-Libris


“Ronnie has taught and proven time again: in Dunetz-Mastermind what happens is that the group intelligence really comes out to benefit the individual. Amazing…”
Uri Mizrachi, entrepreneur, Owner of “24 Ruppee” restaurant

“Insightful, powerful and…joyful!
I’m so grateful for the unique Mastermind group who were with me for the entire past year, the superb people led by its super unique mentor, Ronnie Dunetz, that gave me so many practical lessons about life & career. Great return on investment in so many ways.”
Eldad Ben Tora, Co-founder, KIDOZ