Management Coaching- how does it work?

Management Coaching- the process and the results

I believe that as a coach my role is to bring out the best in you (and trust me it is definitely there!), to bring out that potential that is just sitting there and waiting to be launched and applied. Together we partner in “getting it out there” and focus exactly where you need that potential to go, generating the thought processes, commitment, plans and accountability in the direction you need them to go. It is not only inspiring- it is practical, it is not only movement, but progress to a goal worth going after.

We may work on a wide gamut of issues and challenges, never forgetting where we are going and what we want to happen when we get there. Here are some of the areas you can expect to work on together, but it is you who will decide, it is you who steers and it is I who helps that steering to happen…I like to call it a “partnership for your success”.

Management Coaching


No, not that fancy word that is plastered all over the walls in organizations, not that Big Buzz-word, but the Big Picture – what is it that you are really aiming for? What is that ultimate picture in your mind? What is that Big Result that you want from the thing at hand? To me, everything needs to have a vision, even small projects and initiatives, that is where success begins and this is what we work on together- creating a “real” vision  which is very far away from that “Buzz-word vision”. As the Japanese saying goes, “Vision without action is a daydream. Action without vision is a nightmare.”

Upgrading the nuts and bolts of management

Everything has its details, its nuts and bolts, but if we get bogged down there we may never make it to where we need to be. As your coach, I will help you as a manager to work powerfully from the “inside out” (inside= values + vision + passion), to never forget to get grounded and “down to earth” and to be wary of getting stuck when your job is to give guidance and direction to those who depend on you. It is the art of self-management that one needs to learn and own, the language of listening and questioning well, focusing, prioritizing and executing. With me as your partner we are likely to quickly upgrade such areas as:

  • How to better run meetings so that more is done with less, meaningful talk that leads to tangible and effective action.
  • How to motivate employees by means of authentic behavior, communication, support and teamwork.
  • How to make goal-setting an art that works for you, one that guides and motivates employees.
  • How to present in such a way that people hear, react and remember your story! One of the key aspects of my management coaching is to show you how to let the power of story serve your success!
  • How to upgrade your presence in your own organization, what it means to communicate effectively with your managers, colleagues and partners so you will get noticed and earn well-deserved credit.
  • How to make plans that are short, focused and get things off the ground. I have developed a “One Page Get-Go” structure that gets anything off in running in a short process that is generated all in and around one page only!
  • Other areas in which I offer expertise may also be part of our working environment, depending on your goals and needs: cross-cultural communication and management ,developing “pro-active” entrepreneurial skills and initiatives or setting-up a networking system to broaden your contacts and influence.

What makes coaching so effective is that the agenda, spark and drive comes from you, it’s one of my jobs to take those qualities and together with you, build your path to success!

” As a young CEO of a family-run traditional production company  my biggest problem was how to assert myself and gain confidence while older family members were in charge of strategy and finances. I worked with Ronnie for 6 months to get control of myself, my identity as a manager and to pave my own way…it was a boost to my career that I value greatly.”
(M. T., age 34)

“Although I am considered a technical expert my problem was to find a way for me to become better known and not get stuck with the day to day trivial stuff…to take myself in stride, get myself out there and become influential in the research aspect of things. Ronnie partnered with me from the start, got me out of my comfort zone and was with me every step along the way, a personal and professional ally and teacher.”
(B.W., Intel Corporation)

“I have now completed a series of 12 coaching meetings with Ronnie, all of which were by phone, except for the first.
The process was a challenging one owing to the complexity of the world in which I work (hi-tech, global company), along with my own personal background (personality, history, etc.).
The coaching was a very successful experience for me as it gave me many things in a variety of areas, primarily due to Ronnie’s ability to “speak my language”- to understand where I am coming from, to analyze the root of the subject and to communicate and mirror it back to me, to help me develop my own practical “recipe” – both in the short and long run.”
Director of Global Development


​Testimonial- business and life coaching

I was referred to Ronnie from a professional colleague and I have been very happy with our work together, Ronnie is an excellent coach who has helped me tremendously.
There were some professional issues that had me stuck for some time, without Ronnie’s help I would not have been able to surmount them and our work together was both inspiring and effective.
Ronnie knows how to break down your problem in to components that helps analyze them to build a better future for yourself… and leaves you with the feeling that you did it yourself!

Ronnie’s listening coupled with his humor showed me that he understood me, that he “gets it” and quickly helped me move ahead to where I needed to go.
I look forward to continuing to work effectively with Ronnie on others areas of my life to bring about the type of future that I aspire and am committed to.

Dr. David Cohen
Tel-Aviv-Jaffa, Israel​