Management Coaching- a personalized approach

As a manager, you pretty much know the scene, don’t you? You have a good grasp of what is expected of you, what objectives and goals you need to meet and when you need to meet them by. That is rarely the problem. Unfortunately, most management training and coaching usually miss the essential fact that what managers need most- both new and experienced- is not more expert knowledge, not more “models” and fancy buzzwords but something much more personal, potent and effective….they need more “WE”, more partnership,  better sounding boards,  effective support and  open minds that come together to build commitment, strategy and execution.

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Managers do better with a “sounding board” partner

I have seen it in myself in the days when I managed things, I have seen in the CEOs whom I served, I have seen it in the hundreds of managers and business owners whom I have coached and facilitated in one on one and group situations. Managers need help in putting things together, thinking things through and in getting that crucial “push” that has them off the wall of indecision and into the playing field. Organizations who understand this get great Return on Investment for their managers…unfortunately, too few really “get it”.

This is precisely what I do and have done for thousands of hours of working with managers, leaders and business owners: question and brainstorm, focus and think together, support, give confidence and challenge, commit and cheer on to execution…troubleshoot and strategize, help you rise if and when you fall (and we all do…). I will help you curb your ego if it has taken the best of you, work with you at finding and leveraging that essential message, skill and spark that you have; guide and hold you accountable for your plans and commitments; doing all this not “from above” but at eye level, partners in building that success that you are after. For me, the key is always the “WE”, the power of two, a partnership on your behalf that we generate together that makes a leader a leader and a manager a manager.

Recent global studies have cited that about 60-80% of large organizations (Fortune 1000) employ coaches, with a clear majority reporting Return on Investment of anywhere from 500-700 % on the process (Metric Global)…. Coaching is definitely considered as vital to leading corporations to ensure that their best people develop effectively.

I worked with Ronnie in a number of different situations: first as a Marketing Manager then after I was relocated to Asia to represent a NGO, and after that again in my “re-entry phase” coming back…the value was always there: help formulating strategy, circumventing political hurdles, communication with higher-ups and encouragement to meet my quotas successfully. Ronnie is extremely professional and personable”.  (R.E., age 50)

I was referred to Ronnie by an organizational consultant that I knew, feeling I needed to support for my new job. After all I was going from limited administrative management responsibility to being a CEO of an entire business unit!…It was with Ronnie’s tireless efforts at keeping me “connected to myself” that I really learned that I could do this new job and do it well. Ronnie brought with him the best of many worlds: sound experience as a manager, mastery of coaching technique, a huge amount of sensitivity to listen for what wasn’t being said and the courage and intuition to ask the difficult questions. (S.L., General Manager, retail company)

“Ronnie was my thinking and accountability partner= my coach, for a number of stages in my career, both in the US and Israel. Our relationship was solid, trusting and energetic; I learned so much by teaming with him and will continue to utilize this partnership in the future.” (K.N., VP Support, global software company)

How does it all work?

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