Global Mastermind for Success

Who will benefit: CEOs, executive management, managerial teams, operational directors and managers: sales, marketing, operations, R&D, customer support, HR and training.

Goals of the program:

This program offers the benefits of the Dunetz-Mastermind set forth in the “Managerial Mastermind” description applied to a global scale, forming professionally facilitated sessions in which vital and transferable know-how may be passed on, as well as innovative ideas, methods, input, resources, contacts, among others. Participants benefit from a global platform, view and approach to problem-solving, decision-making and execution plans.


Global Success- Mastermind

Value added: what kind of value will these sessions bring? While value can only be assessed in retrospect, these are examples of what is likely to transpire in such meetings.

  • Global Executive Mastermind“: discussions will be focused and make better use of time, listening will be facilitated, good and “hard” questions will be asked, action items will be set, brain-power will be multiplied many times and global knowledge, experience and skill we be leverage to help all solve dilemmas and make key decisions.
  • ” Global CEO Mastermind“: it is often said that it is “lonely at the top”, and it really “takes one to know one”. Having the presence and mutual assistance of other CEOS, who are also dealing with global decisions and challenges, is way more than “nice to have”, it may mean the huge difference between a good decision and a poor one….
  • Global Sales Mastermind“: can you imagine the power that can be generated if ALL international salesmen would really share knowledge, leads, insights and “best practices” in a facilitated group? The sky is the limit to the value added, as without international sales global operations rarely have the ability to grow and expand.
  • Global Marketing Mastermind“: marketing is country specific and at times even region-specific and city-specific….but, the way one approaches different markets has much in common and this group is primed to leverage this positioning to create success for global marketing.
  • Global Operations Mastermind“: in recent years, more and more companies have begun manufacturing overseas, advantages are numerous…but so are the challenges as well as the problems! This mastermind group has the potential to stop problems before they develop and solve them quicker and better when they do come about!
  • “Global Customer Service“: good companies and good products can come to an end quickly without good customer support and service…this mastermind group can take apart and promote what it means to give “good service”, saving budgetary expenditure, money and good-will entailed in correcting mistakes that could be avoided with the power of the group mastermind.
  • Global R&D”: often shrouded with mystery and not well-communicated externally, R&D groups can sometimes suffer from insularity and lack cross-fertilization and sharing of know-how and experience. The stakes are high if you do this in global market, thus, this mastermind serves to keep the communication lines open and prevent blind-spots and “group think”.
  • “Global HR and Training“: one size does not fit all, we all know that, but how deeply and frequently are we aware of this when developing global HR and training procedures, methods and programs? This mastermind is the ideal avenue to share this know-how and get the right programs to the right place in the right time.

Structures are flexible:

  • Recommended meeting frequency: once a month for 3-4 hours. Virtual meetings are possible.
  • Groups can be defined in different ways, such as:
    • “Homogenous”- all members are of same title and position, such as ”Sales Managers”.
    • “Heterogeneous”- members come from different positions and departments in the organization (such as VP Sales, R&D, HR, etc.)
    • Inter-company: members come from same type of position and title but from different organizations.

How many participants? Programs are modular, from 3-200 participants, all in accordance with company request and objectives.

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