Global Business Storytelling for Success

 “From Story to Global Success” takes the major ingredients of the standard “From Story to Success” program and adapts it to closely suit the more specific and defined needs of globally-oriented and managed businesses and stakeholders.

1. “From Story to  Global Success”

A unique, multi-dimensional workshop that purposeful storytelling with essential communication goals of organizational leaders and managers: to persuade, influence and inspire for effective results.

The workshop, which has been successfully run numerous times at global hi-tech companies in Israel and abroad, is a joint effort of mine along with Sharon Aviv, the Founder and Director of “Gollem”, the Multi-disciplinary Center for Storytelling in Israel. In this program, participants learn to use and upgrade their own professional material by learning, applying and practicing narrative tools and presentation.

In “From Story to Global Success” one does not only learn about storytelling and its techniques, but immediately applies this learning to real-world, organizational and business goals in a global setting. The joint venture offers the synergy of two skill sets for the benefit of participants: that of learning how to tell a story effectively as well as that of how to create and transmit the meaning in a business/organizational setting to get effective results.

The global version of the program is directed at meeting the different goals, segments and stakeholders that comprise the global scope and setting of our clients.

Who gains with “From Story to Global Success”?

Corporate and Executive Leaders: in the global business world where change is going on all the time, you need to carefully communicate your message to different populations at the same time. Can you imagine integrating powerful stories and metaphors in your presentations in such venues as international conferences, global management team meetings, Board of Directors meetings, keynote addresses, investor and public relations, among others?

Sales and Marketing Directors: when you are selling and marketing across borders and cultures you need to know that a good story is much like a picture- it is better than a thousand words. Find and tell those stories that  can help differentiate and sell your products, make your presentation a “Wow!” and create that buzz we are all looking for, understanding that “not everybody speaks English”…Remember: sales meetings, kick-offs, team venues…

Human Resources Managers: global companies hire global talent and there is always a need to find communication that will create the right kind of “we” amidst the many different populations that you serve. Change management? M&A? Talent management?  Recruitment? Getting your story “right”- and culturally and linguistically sound- can make a world of a difference…remember: stories can inspire and global teams need inspiration…

Trainers: when you have something to teach and need to teach it in many different places and countries… good, culturally- appropriate stories are vital so that your presentation will totally energize how you present and listeners will listen better and remember more.

Project Managers: a known fact- most global R&D and other project team suffer from poor communication, learn how to find, tell and fully use stories that create the communication, bond and team you are looking for.

R&D Managers: this might come as a surprise to many, but…it has been found that the global trend to multi-site software development is facilitated when software requirements are transmitted and applied in story form. Stories can better transfer tacit know-how, often lost when development teams are far apart.

Customer Support: in the global sphere, with customers using your products and services all over the world, you will want to learn to gather, archive and teach your representatives how to use customer stories to communicate better, deal with difficult customers and share know-how quicker and more effectively.

And there is more…

“From Story to Global Success” is a platform that awaits your specific needs. Programs can be as short as one half day to several days of intensive training, based on your needs. Videoconferencing sessions are also possible with prior notice.

“I love stories but never thought that I could use them with clients in that my Indian accent is difficult for them to understand. At your workshop, I overcame this block, loosened up and saw that it can be done. I will definitely use it in the field…” (B.C., software trainer, India)

2. Personal presentation coaching (PPC) – global

Please see link here for section on standard PPC offering:

Global personal presentation coaching is a similar framework to the standard PPC, with one major difference: all materials, communication approaches and stories need to be adapted time and again for cultural suitability and marketing effectiveness.

Perhaps you have an individual need to prepare or upgrade an important presentation for a specific deadline- in this case a  short-term “PPC” framework may be more suitable, in which we do the following:

Listen to your presentation to see what is most in need of a “good shot in the arm” to get your message across.

Together we identify the stories which can make this happen.

Once the presentation is ready to go, we practice, you do the presenting and I the feedback and brainstorming until it is just what you are looking for…

The PPC can be extended into a wider scope of work to create the project kick-off that you might be in need of via the ”Get-Go” program.

Personal Presentation Coaching can be carried out in person, by skype, phone, in small groups, all to meet your needs and timeframe.

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