Get- Go! The One Page Business-Focus Plan for Success

Not only entrepreneurs and creative artists require focusing to bring about success. All managers or project heads can do wonders if they have within their grasp a one page road-map that leads to where they want to go and includes that has to be done by when and by whom. This is not a road-map that you need to order or outsource, you don’t need long, drawn-out and tedious meetings for this, it is something that can be focused, facilitated and formulated within a few hours and then you’re off!

From my own experience and that of my many clients, I have devised this tool for those who want to get the combined powers of creativity-focus and accountability together on one piece of paper (or computer screen for that matter) and then immediately run with the ball…

The “Get-Go” is a sharp business focusing exercise that I facilitate, which perfectly suits a manager of business owner who lacks time, patience and budget to enter into a more comprehensive business planning framework, but who also knows that an hour of planning and thinking things through can go a long way to saving many hours of de-focused running around and in all direction. “Get-Go” is the light of the laser which points to the direction in which your whole team is aiming at as well.

Get- Go! The One Page Business-Focus Plan for Success

What’s involved: how does “Get-Go” work?

After a short introduction we set aside 3 meetings of 1 hour each (or two of 90 minutes) in which we get on paper what is it exactly you are going after, all encapsulated in one to five bullet-points or sentences: vision, values, goals, strategies and plans.

The first 90 minutes is the process in which I facilitate your getting to this analysis…the  next 90 minutes we work on fine-tuning, challenging and presenting your ideas. Presenting your ideas is critical, since “Get-Go” knows that at the tail end of any plan awaits a “communication process” in which you will need to convince and get others on your side.

“Get-Go” is modular, it can also be the basis of more in-depth work in which I accompany you forward into deeper levels of your presentation and “story”, as well as be there for you as you execute, learn and move your way up to success.

Wayne Dyer, the renown business mentor once said, “Success is an average person- focused”. That is exactly what “Get-Go” is all about- focusing you all the way to success.

” I love the Get-Go process! As a busy business owner it is tough for me to find the time to enter long processes, important as they are. The “Get-Go” got me and my team focused, inspired and ready to tackle the road- map in front of us. Ronnie is a great facilitator of this tool.”
T. B., 47, Business owner and CEO

“As someone who often gets de-focused, Ronnie’s approach kept me on my feet at all times. The value of the “Get-Go Process” is to help build priorities right from the “get- go”, so I have found that I waste less money and give attention to priorities that bring in good money.”
A.F. 43, owner and Direct of small firm computer services company.