Enter: Dunetz-Mastermind

I developed the “Dunetz-Mastermind” model over the past 9 years based on my management, business and life experience, at times leveraging “trial and error”, bringing to it all I have gathered and learned over time. The Dunetz-Mastermind approach has been proven in hundreds of hours of group work with CEOs, senior managers, business owners and professionals, in a great variety of settings. It is an out-of-the-box, facilitated approach which can be part of a regular once a month meeting of a defined group (one of my groups has been meeting now for over 7 years in a row!), a workshop session, an “off-site”, a “kick-off”, a “team-builder”, among others…

Dunetz-Mastermind Benefits: immediate, practical, authentic, inspiring

  • Feedback: where else do 4—8- 10 or more people think together with you and for you to gain clarity and commitment?
  • Decision-making: when you are back and forth on things, what better way than to have a supportive think-tank listening ,questioning and moving you forward?
  • Support: sometimes you don’t need to “do” anything, the very sharing and discussing of the issue has a mind and power of its own- try it and you shall see!
  • Innovative and creative:  the freedom to think out-of-the box, together with others and not alone, to find that “new idea” you are looking for…
  • Accountability: the group mastermind is not only a “thinking model” but a “doing model”….a mechanism where plans are generated as well as action items.
  • Resources: nearly every Dunetz-Mastermind session will generate new networking contacts, information access, resources to drive success forward.
  • Collaborative communication: poor communication is a frequent cause of problems and conflict within teams and organizations. Dunetz-Mastermind creates a positive collaborative environment and climate.
  • Management development: managers who grow together and share know-how, tips and support become better managers, managers “grow each other”!
  • Build relationships: a frequent comment in a Dunetz-Mastermind session- “I never knew that was what you thought…”, even if you have known this person for 20 years! Authentic conversation leads to authentic relationship.
  • Personal confidence: man was not made to live alone. All the more so in organizations where there is the “assumption” that people are working together…Dunetz-Mastermind sessions leave you with a “can do” and “will do” overall feeling.


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Who needs Dunetz-Mastermind?

  • Management teams: once a month come together and see how and where this process takes you! Check it out for benefits before any major decision, new project, need to generate consensus and “buy-in”.
  • Global sales, distributor, supplier meetings, conferences, trainings- wherever people are coming together to learn and support: Dunetz-Mastermind is a tool that can create connection, conversation and commitment.
  • Cross-functions and departments: imagine what kind of know-how and cross-fertilization you can set up by giving “outsiders” a chance to think with and for you, and you for them!
  •  Project teams: use the power of a regular Dunetz-Mastermind to gain energy and “buy-in”, prevent miscommunication that kills so many projects….cultivate “buy-in” which can make or break a project!
  •  Entrepreneur/Intrapreneur: need those new innovations? Dunetz-Mastermind is a framework that knows how to tease out that new idea and help it get it out into a “Go-No Go” mode, and others…
  •  Team kick-off: Dunetz-Mastermind connects and builds appreciation and  relationship….how will that help your team?
  •  Cross-cultural and global: have you ever stopped to think how to enhance communication and understanding in global, multi-site teams? Give Dunetz-Mastermind a shot and see how doors and lines of communication open up…
  • Company-wide: versions of Dunetz-Mastermind can be leveraged to company-wide events that employees will enjoy and learn from each other creating positive climate and appreciation of Management.

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