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Ronnie Dunetz

Ronnie Dunetz

I learned quite early on in life that there really isn’t anything like the “one right answer”, looking back on things I think it was a critical lesson to learn. It was a diversity of culture, language, accents, religion and pursuit of identity that dominated my early days. Born and raised in modern Jewish America, with wonderful immigrant parents, a father, a Holocaust survivor who came from the Yiddish-speaking world of Poland, and a mother who was an eighth generation Hebrew-speaking Israeli… to a child it seemed that most people who came and went  were just “different” and “different was the norm”.

Apparently this was the direction that my life took, whether by plan or by chance, as over the years I have lived in 5  different countries,  studied 8 different languages, trekked and travelled extensively through a diversity of cultures and countries, got to meet, learn and be enriched by thousands of people along the way. The compass of diversity- as the spice of life and learning- went straight into my professional development and experience as well: degrees and studies in international business management, human resources, agriculture, coaching, facilitation, martial arts, among others.

As I see it, all this was in preparation for the work of today which I deeply love and have great passion for, that which I have been doing daily for 14 years and see the exciting wide range of opportunity ahead: coaching, facilitation, training and teaching others to succeed in being, doing and winning in their lives, businesses and careers. To date, I have had the privilege of personally coaching over 4000 hours to hundreds of individuals who wanted to make change work for them- when done professionally, the sky is the limit, there is no process that can beat coaching in making happen that which needs to happen…

For 15 years I held key management positions in international sales, marketing and business development in start-up and established ventures across several different industries in the fields of hi-tech, biotech, technology transfer and entrepreneurial consulting. This followed 4 years in which I trained Japanese and Chinese businessmen in Japan and Taiwan in English language and cross-cultural communication proficiency.

Creativity and innovation are important concepts for me and I am proud to have developed and facilitated several unique programs that have served- and continue to serve- hundreds of managers and business owners around the world, including:

A group facilitation model that generates effective communication, cross-fertilization and support to managers and business owners who need to make decisions, initiate, solve dilemmas and deliver results on a daily basis.

“From Story to Success”
Developed together with Sharon Aviv, founder of the Golem Center for Storytelling in Israel, empowers managers, trainers, salespeople and others to leverage the skill of “business storytelling” to make their communication and presentations powerful, memorable and inspiring.

A results-driven, compact and focused process that produces a “one page business or project plan” to get any business idea, company project or entrepreneurial off the ground and into the field.

I hold an MBA in international business management from one of the world’s leading institutions in this field, the Thunderbird Graduate School of International Management in the USA. These days I make my home in Israel with my wife and two children, practice yoga and meditation, continue to seek out “off the beaten track” treks and opportunities, am always on the lookout to meet, empower and link up with interesting people who have big challenges, big dreams and a big commitment to making their careers and lives all that they can and should be.

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Ronnie Dunetz, 972-54-6652818, dunetz@netvision.net.il