Dunetz Global

Did you know that a recent survey at Stanford University found that 100% of CEOs polled would like to receive executive coaching? Their reasoning and objectives are clear enough: with a trusted advisor or coach by their side, managers and leaders perform better, decide better and leverage values and relationships more successfully. DunetzGlobal offers a proven support system to make global success happen: personal coaching, effective group communication and a toolbox with a global mindset that brings the world to you and you to the world.


When was the last time you had 10 other people thinking with and for you, to solve that dilemma, to develop that idea or to keep you accountable to your vision?
For more than 8 years DunetzMastermind groups and events involving hundreds of managers from diverse industries have done just that: combining the power of collective intelligence, support and out-of-the-box thinking to give you that competitive edge and energy you need as a successful global manager. Nobody really succeeds all on their own. Neither should you.

Business Storytelling

Don’t you want people to remember your message long after your powerpoint presentation has been forgotten? Here is a way to do that- learn to tell a story! Business storytelling is one of the hottest tools that managers and leaders are adopting: sales managers out to close deals, corporate leaders giving a keynote or human resources managers striving to make mergers and collaborations work. Stories work because they “stick”, they “move” and they build bridges and relationships. Learn to tell your story!

About Ronnie Dunetz

Senior business coach and group facilitator for over a decade, has worked with hundreds of clients over thousands of hours. Multi-cultural:  has lived and worked in 5 different countries (East and West), has studied 8 different languages, 15 years in global management in hi-tech, biotech and med-tech. Graduate of one of the world’s leading institutions for international business- the Thunderbird Graduate School of International Management. Believes in “people before things”, “you never know till you try” and that coaching is not therapy, it is not consulting, it is product development. YOU are the product!